What is a Riparium?


                                                A 20gH planted riparium

A riparium is a type of planted aquarium display that has emersed growth, supported by either driftwood, or a combination of planters and rafts. These planters and rafts are configured in a way to allow the roots of an emersed plants to make contact with the water in the aquarium. As the emersed plants grow, they absorb many nutrients from the aquarium water (such as ammonia and nitrites) thereby increasing the water quality of the aquarium. The emersed riparium plants cannot be just any plant, as they must have the ability to tolerate a lack of oxygen around their root systems (as the roots are under water). Such plants include a emersed aquatic plants, bog plants and certain house plants. As they grow, the plants cover up the planters and rafts creating a beautiful naturalistic display.


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