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“Tanked” – Aquariums Take Over The Big Screen

There are aquarium forums, wikis, blogs, Youtube videos and now, a TV show! Tanked is a show all about aquariums. It follows two guys (Wayde King and Brett Raymer) on their adventures as they run the biggest custom aquarium making and acrylic tank manufacturing business in the United States. You will see a them manufacture and setup a host of unique aquariums. A shark desk, feng-shui reef, circular manta ray tank and the amazing 75,000 gallon church aquarium are just a few examples. Most of the tanks featured are saltwater, but even still the show is very fun and entertaining. (Though I sometimes still loath the look of their often used fake corals). Be sure to give them a look! New episodes premier every Friday night on Animal Planet at 9PM E/P.