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Riparium Supply: Tank Planters

A new and ingenious product out from Riparium Supply, Tank Planters are truly a breakthrough in aquaria. What are they, what do they do and are they any good you ask? Well, I shall tell thee.

Tank Planters utilize a small plastic “Planter” filled with a nutrient-rich substrate and the plant’s roots in a self contained unit, that looks like this:

This new product allows you to move plants around, with out having “root trauma,” and it lets you keep your current, non nutrient rich substrate (like silica sand and gravel) and still get good plants growth. Do to the build of the Planters, they are best planted with plants that have large crows and large root systems. So stem plants aren’t a good idea…
So far, I have a Large Tank Planter 2-Pack, which I will use for a vall’, and an Echinodorus spp.
For more info, take a look at the Tank Planter website.

First Thoughts

The packaging is very sleek and professional. All the components where packed perfectly. As I open it up, the strength of the plastic of the planter is amazing. They are very strong and durable, yet very easy to hide behind rock work or under the substrate. The directions are in plain English, so there is no need to get out the German dictionary. Setup is easy. I have a vall’ planted in one of the planters in seconds. After checking that I had done everything correctly, I add it to my 40g Breeder Riparium. I will have to see how everything turns out growth wise, but it should do very well judging by the others who have used these.

Price wise, these babies have an OK price tag, but are completely worth it! Right now, Their are two sizes, Large and Small, and are up for sale in packs.

Tank Planters Mini Garden Combo Pack
Tank Planters Large Planter 2-pack

Take a look! They are worth every penny!