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Scape Fu – A Planted Aquarium Podcast

Scape Fu. Pretty cool thing to say, right? Well it is even better to listen to! Scape Fu is a new(er) podcast sight that is all about planted aquariums. So shut off that Pandora tab, and get listening!
Scape Fu was created and hosted by Art. Art is based in Florida and has been in the hobby for over 20 years. He was even one of the first to commercially bring Aquarium Design Amano (ADA) products to the States.
The pod casts usually contain interviews of “top of the food chain” hobbyists, such as Frank Wazeter, Mike Senske, and Devin Biggs (creator of Riparium Supply). They are filled with information about the hobby and, if you are like me and have no friends that are “fish friendly” you will learn how to pronounce Hygrophilia and Pilea. (Which I have been mispronouncing since I first read it.)
The site is very easy to read and navigate, and if you have a slower PC, (or Mac…) you will still be fine!
I am a newcomer to Scape Fu, but they have had me roped in since the fist podcast!