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Confused Flour Beetle Setup And Care – Live Foods

So you all have probably heard of those fancy ‘live fish foods’ that all those amazingly advanced hobbyists have? Well to be honest, I have no idea why everybody who is serious about the hobby doesn’t have live food for there fish! They are super easy to setup and care for, (at least most of them) and are like fruits and veggies for you fish. I am relatively new to live food, but I right now am working on raising confused flour beetles for my fish. Confused flour beetles are probably one of the easiest live food to raise. They get there name because 1. they eat/live in flour and 2. they are often confused with other beetles. Both the adult beetles and larvae can be fed to fish, and other then the setup, and weekly stir, you just let the sit there!

A little note on cultures. Cultures are usually a container filled with the media which the food lives and reproduces in, taken from an already established setup.

Live Food

Materials Needed: Culture of confused flour beetles
Medium sized plastic container with lid
Flour (any kind and enough to fill the to a depth of 1/2-1in)
Knife or pin
Cutting board (optional)

Step By Step

1. Clean plastic container and lid with warm water; then dry thoroughly

Live Food

2. Use the knife or pin (I used a knife) to make air holes in the lid of the selected container. Make sure the holes are small so the beetles can’t get out but still have enough for good air exchange.

Live Food

3. Add 1-1/2″ of flour to the container.
4. Add the starter culture!

Live Food

5. Store in a dry place.
6. Wait for about 2 months before beginning to harvest.

To harvest, pick out the larva or beetles you want to feed to your wet pets. If you need a large amount, use a sieve to separate the flour and the food.

Weekly: Lightly stir the flour so that it doesn’t get to compact.