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Hydor ETH Inline Heater Review

Ever wanted your tank to have a cleaner look? So that when you look into your aquarium, you see plants and fish, and not a honking filter and heater? Well combine a canister filter with a Hydor Inline heater, and your problem is solved!

One thing about inline heaters kinda flummoxed me for a while, what does inline mean! Well simply put, inline means that you attach it in place of some of your canister filter’s tubing. This means that water, after going through your canister goes through the heating element of the heater. This means that instead of having a big Stealth heater taking up space in your tank, you can have a Hydor take much less in your stand! The Hydor ETH also heats your aquarium much more evenly when compared to in tank heaters which heat only the small portion of water that it comes into contact with.


The heater itself is positioned inside a black and blue plastic case, with a very easy to read temperature changing knob. The heater also sports a small red light that turns on whenever the heater is doing its job.

I have had my Hydor (200w, 5/8″ input version) for about two month, and I have been loving every second of it! My aquariums water stays at a very consistent 73* Fahrenheit, which is what I have it set to.

Hydor sells several different version of the ETH inline heater, all of which vary in wattage and input/output size. When buying, remember to purchase the version that not only has the proper wattage for you tank, but also has the right input/output tubing size as your canister!

Budget wise, the heater is not very expensive, usually running a solid $40-50 depending on where you buy.

In all, I highly recommend the Hydor ETH inline heater for its solid performance, no in-tank space and price!