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Cleaning Aquarium Glass

Part of my weekly aquarium cleaning ritual includes cleaning the glass of my aquarium. Over the week, I (and by “I,” I really mean every aquarium hobbyist in existence) usually get a build up of finger prints, water streaks and hard water stains all over the glass of my aquarium. These streaks and stains are obviously very unsightly, but with a little elbow grease and a quick house hold concoction cleaning aquarium glass is a snap!


The Aquarium Version of “Windex”

Every hobbyist should realize that the less chemicals you use in and around your aquarium, the better. This “rule” should even include your glass cleaning liquid. What if you accidentally spray some Windex into your nano reef aquarium? Better safe then sorry in my opinion. The following “recipe” is for a very good, very cheap, fish-safe aquarium glass cleaner.

What You Need

White vinegar


A spray bottle


What To Do: Simple combine the vinegar and water (following a ratio of 1 part vinegar for every 10 parts water) into the spray bottle. Lastly, spray away!


It is really that easy.  With this solution, you don’t have to worry about getting any harmful chemical residues. I like to use this vinegar/water solution on a lot of my aquarium related items: riparium planters and rafts, powerheads, pruning scissors, really pretty much everything! I highly recommend using this “recipe.” Happy glass cleaning!