About The Author

My name is Jake. I am 14 years old, and a homeschooled freshman from Wisconsin. I have many passions, one of which is aquariums. Fish, plants, corals, algae, bacteria, everything! I love them. When I am not messing with my aquarium, I am writing random articles, doing school, playing airsoft, walking my dog, hanging with freinds, practicing for my second degree Black Belt test (in Tae Kwon Do), playing football, or refereeing soccer games. Yep! That is pretty much my life!

  1. Hey Jake. I read your section in the tfh magazine, and I really enjoyed it. I am a sophomore at MSU and I am going into Human biology, but I also have a strong passion for aquariums. I have a FOWLR saltwater tank. I am currently making a website that is similar to this but its more of a general site for beginners. I was wondering if you would like to help create it and write articles on it with me such as equipment reviews, important tips, etc.

  2. Hello Taylor,

    It would be an honor to help write for your website. To keep things a little more private, I sent you an email a couple of day ago. Not sure if you got it or not… If you didn’t, feel free to email me (jakej1897 “at” hotmail “dot” com) just so I know that I have the right email address for you.
    Warmest regards,

  3. I love finding teens my age that are legitimately into the hobby, rather than the run-of-the-mill betta-cuppers that you usually find. Nice work, and I enjoy reading your reviews and sundry articles and I really like the photos of your old 20 high. I’m trying to start my own 40 gallon breeder riparium, and I find yours pretty darn cool. Overall, I’m quite glad I discovered this website.

    • Hello Peter,

      I agree, finding more advanced teen hobbyists is always a joy. I thought I was the only one for about a year an a half. Boy was I wrong!

      I am sincerely glad you enjoy the site. It amazes me how this site gets by with the very small amount of time and effort I put into it. Hopefully I can dedicate more time to it and get some real content up.

      Ah, the old 20 gallon high. That is probably my favorite tank so far (well, when it was in it’s prime…). The 40 gallon breeder hasn’t be working out for me so far. I think it is partly because of the tank’s lack of height, and the obtrusive rim. Hopefully I can get an upgrade and go rimless one of these days.

      Do you happen to be a member of any online aquarium forums? I would love to see a journal of your 40 gallon riparium.

      Warmest regards,

      • I’m on TPT, username YellowDAWG. It probably won’t shape up yet, but I might do a species tank with a few Belonesox belizanus, or a south American biotope. I simply can’t decide… Fortunately, I have lots of time, and am looking forward to giving this much more thought than my original tank.

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