Welcome to The Jake-arium!

This blog is the brain child of me, Jake. It has been worked on and changed readily since the early months of 2010

  1. Dear Jake,

    Let me introduce myself first, my name is Sean Cheng and I’m a paludarium / terrarium hobbyist in Hong Kong. I’m also a moderator of a local Chinese paludarium forum called “Aquarium Farm”.

    I’m writing to ask for the permission of using your AGA2011 contest photo of the paludarium category in a discussion of the contest’s entries in our forum so that more hobbyist can learn from your work.

    Here is the link to our forum:
    It’s in Chinese but feel free to click in and take a look.
    “Aquarium Farm” is a non profit forum and my mission is to promote this wonderful hobby in the Asia region.

    I’m looking forwards to hearing from you.

    Best regards / Sean Cheng

    • Hello Mr.Cheng,

      That would be fine! You can totally use the images. I can send you a better quality copy of the photographs if you would like.

      I will definitely take a look at the forum. It is really cool to be able to see into the world of Asian aquariums. The many differences on how you guys do things compared to how we do things is very interesting in my opinion.

      Are you going to bring up, in the discussion, the concept of planted ripariums?

      Warmest regards,
      Jake Jung

  2. Hi my names David and I am interested im what equipment you used to take your pictures?

  3. Dear jake
    Im building a stand for my Riparium i was wonder where you got the metal corner brackets for your stand ? thank you

  4. that was helpful thank you .. also i was wondering whats going on with my order from riparium supply thank you shaun davis

  5. please get back to me about my orders thank you

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