Aquarium Clubs: A Fun Way to Interact With Fish Freaks

My local clubOnline forums and chat rooms are great, but after some time one needs to drop the mouse, turn of the computer and meet fellow aquarium hobbyists face to face! One of the best ways to do this, is via aquarium clubs. Aquariums clubs take on many forms, but all have one thing in common: They’re filled with fellow hobbyists. Being able to interact and learn directly from the many, usually more experienced hobbyists that populate these aquarium groups is greatly beneficial. The benefits of aquarium societies also extends beyond the mental. In my local club especially (See above), there are many fish breeders who  are more than generous enough to share their finned wealth (often for free or a very cheap). Add to this the timely field trips to far away aquarium shops, public aquariums or lakes for driftwood collecting, and you’ve got yourself a very fun and beneficial way of getting to learn about this fantastic past time, in a much more hands on way. I highly encourage you to look into joining your local aquarium club of society, whether online or through your near by fish shop. You won’t regret it!


About ripariumguy

I am a young, but avid aquarist that enjoys aquascaping and water changes, airsofting, walking the dog, first person shooters, football, TKD, and being a teenager.

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