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Take a look at this! My setup and blog are featured in this Tropical Fish Hobbyist blog post, as an article I wrote was featured in the TFH December 2011 issue (An Introduction to Planted Ripariums by Jacob Jung). Check it out!


About ripariumguy

I am a young, but avid aquarist that enjoys aquascaping and water changes, airsofting, walking the dog, first person shooters, football, TKD, and being a teenager.

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  1. Hey, I love TFH and saw your riparium article in the issue I just got. It’s amazing, and congrats on being featured! I was just wondering how you got to be featured in TFH? I opened the magazine and saw your picture, and was like oh hey, a fourteen year old?!

    I’m 16 and have a ‘beginner’ freshwater tank – 20 high – but I love learning about lots of different styles of aquarium keeping, for future plans and such. I just had to look at your blog. 🙂

    Good day!

    • Thanks for the comment Mary!

      I am glad you liked the article. The whole thing was a little bit of a process. It started when I emailed TFH’s editor to see if they were interested in an article about planted ripariums. They were, so I got to writing it. It took about 4 months (a really long time, could have had it done much sooner but my proof-reader/photographer was a little busy). After it was done, I sent it in with my “sales pitch” and crossed my fingers. They accepted it, I got sent a contract, and here we are today! I hope that answered your question for you.

      A 20 gallon high? I love that size tank. Brings back “memories,” as my first planted tank was a 20 gallon high as well. I think I had it planted with some java fern and eventually riparium plants. Good luck with yours! And keep reading! Knowledge is the best asset to keeping fish and plants (though I am sure you knew that already)!

      Again, thanks for the comment,
      Jacob Jung

      • No problem. Thanks for replying! It’s quite unusual to find people my age with shared aquarium-oriented interests, so if you don’t mind, we could maintain a conversation here. (If not, that’s okay xD)

        That’s really cool, actually; so now that you have a contract, are you able to write for TFH again? It’s always been a ‘maybe’ pursuit of mine to write for them, when I’m older and such.

        I have lots of java fern in my 20 high. I get lazy with the water changes, as I also have three young guinea pigs that I care for, but my fish and plants do fine and thrive after almost a year. I’d love to try a riparium someday though.

        Thanks for the luck, and I think I’ll always subscribe to TFH as it’s quite a great magazine. Best of luck with your tanks, and everything.


  2. No, I don’t mind! Are you a member of any aquarium forums? If not, I highly recommend The Planted Tank Forum ( It is a great site, lots and information and several active teen members. (I could list about a dozen right now). I think you’ed like it there.

    Yep, I can write for TFH again, just not under the same contract. The last contract I signed was just the publication rights for the single article. I can write for them again, but I would get a new contract and such (sorry for using that term, a better one might have been “agreement”).

    Java fern is always fun! I really enjoy it’s texture and ease of care. Have you ever tried java fern ‘needle leaf’ or ‘windelov’? They are also really cool plants.

    What equipment do you have on your 20 gallon?

    If you ever need help with setting up a riparium email me or leave a comment. I’d love to help!

    Thanks! I need the extra luck. I have another article to finish up, this time for RedFish (an online Australian based magazine).

    Warmest regards,

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