Riparium Plant: Cyperus spp.

Cyperus spp. – Umbrella sedges

A grouping of Cyperus spp.

Orgin: The tropical/subtropical regions of all continents

Care Level: Easy

Planting Method: Planter

Placement: Background

Planting Medium: Hydroton with capping medium

Growth Rate: Medium

Size: Large

Propagation: Splitting crown of larger plants, flowering

Notes: Very commonly available house and pond plant. Very good used as an accent, or with carpeting stem plants. There are many Cyperus species out there. If you do not want to experiment, be sure to get a tried and proven suitable species for your riparium.


About ripariumguy

I am a young, but avid aquarist that enjoys aquascaping and water changes, airsofting, walking the dog, first person shooters, football, TKD, and being a teenager.

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