Tom Aquarium Products Internal Filter Review


Filtering nano aquariums has always been a problem for me personally. Either I had too much flow, or too little filtration. This was one of the problems I had when finding a filter for my 2.5g betta (Betta splendens) tank. This is where the Tom Aquarium Products Internal Filter comes in. I bought this filter for $15 at a large chain petstore. The filter boasts a circulation rate of 45 gallons per hour, though, thanks to a small fail-proof mechanism in the filter catridge, it is adjustable. The filter comes in two main parts: The head/pump and the filter cartridge. The cartridge is a small perforated plastic box made out of flimsy plastic that is filled with filter foam, and a very small compartment of activated carbon. The cartridge attaches to the bottom of the head. At the top of the head, there is an output hole. This is where one can place one of the two included output attachment. The two attachments are a smaller spray bar and a V-shaped tube. These allow one to play with the configuration of the water flow around the tank (ie, more surface agitation, less flow, etc). One can clean and customize the media inside the cartridge. When one breaks/wears out however, three packs of new cartridge are available online and at certain chain petstores.

The filter as a whole is decent in the beginning. Unfortunately, over time, it clogs very easily. Also, the way that the cartridge attaches to the head is rather shifty, as it is way to easy to take apart (at least, in my opinion).

Final Thoughts

Although the price and output attachments are appealing, the filter on a whole does not operate well, do to excessive clogging and lack of decent media. I do not recommend this product for long-term use. For a quick quarantine tank use, definitely.







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