Stability. Not Perfection.

Stability. Not perfection. That is the key to aquariums. Or aquarium water parameters that is.
Almost every single aquarium book in the universe will tell you that you “Cant keep a neon tetra in hard and alkaline water.” Well, they are 99% wrong. I say 99%, because there are exceptions. The key to happy, healthy, fish is keeping your aquarium stable. What this (generally) means is that you can keep fish in water parameters that do not “suite” them. But since there are no macro fluctuations in tank’s chemistry, they will survive and thrive! How can this be so you wonder? Well fish are are, as you know, highly adaptable creatures. And as long as change is not sudden, but takes place over a period of time. Now, unfortunately some fish do not apply to this rule. Discus, altum angels, and other sensitive species must have perfect and stable tank chemistry to survive.

Remember though, water chemistry (at least in this post) means pH, GH and KH, not ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and other forms of waste. All fish should have perfect water parameters when in comes to nitrogenous wastes, but it is not necessarily needed when it comes chemistry.

So do not always trust those guides and such, they can lead one astray. Especially when it comes to water chemsitry!


About ripariumguy

I am a young, but avid aquarist that enjoys aquascaping and water changes, airsofting, walking the dog, first person shooters, football, TKD, and being a teenager.

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