Riparium Supply Small Magnetic Hanging Planter Review

The back of a Riparium Supply magnetic planter

The Riparium Supply Small Magnetic Hanging Planter is just like a suction cup planter, only instead it uses two strong sandwich magnets to attach to the walls of a riparium. The magnets are very strong, so caution should be taken when working with these planters. Riparium Supply has a article about this, and I highly suggest reading it before using this product. There are many advantages to these planters. For one the magnets will never ware out, which happens over time to the suction cup planters. The magnetic planters also have a small stabilizing bar, so that the planter isn’t at an angle when attached to the wall of a riparium, like the suction cup planter. Because the magnets do not take up alot of space like the suction cups, you can fit more on the of them on walls of your tank. Although the magnetic planter a little more expensive then the suction cup planters, they are well worth the extra cash.


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I am a young, but avid aquarist that enjoys aquascaping and water changes, airsofting, walking the dog, first person shooters, football, TKD, and being a teenager.

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