Riparium Supply Review: Planters and Rafts

You may be wondering, what are “Nano-Trellis Rafts” and “Small Hanging Planters?” Well here is a description and review of Nano-Trellis Rafts and Small Planters from Riparium Supply

Riparium Supply Small Planters

The Small Planters from Riparium Supply are clear plastic containers with strong suction cups attached to the back of the planter to hold the planter in place on the glass of a riparium. You have to add a screen to keep the plant substrate from falling out of the back suction cup holes. The clay pebbles help to circulate the water through the planter so that the plant gains nutrients from the water column. The suction cups are quite powerful, but do wear out over time. To help keep them from dilapidation I would suggest a weekly wipe off. The small black square in the front of the planter is a Mushroom Head Fastener. The Fasteners on the Planters are used to connect the Fasteners on Rafts. This connection is strong, so the Rafts won’t float away to easily!

Riparium Supply Nano-Trellis Rafts

The Riparium Supply Nano-Trellis Rafts are made of a strong black foam that (obviously) floats on water. The Rafts keep the foliage of a plant above the water, while the roots trail in the aquarium water. The roots then take nutrients from the water column. The stem of a plant is put on the Rafts through holes in the Raft. The middle of the Rafts can be taken out to make moving and adding plants easier. If the plant on a Nano-Trellis Raft becomes to heavy, you can add Dumbbell Buoys to help support the Raft. The Buoys attach to the little “arms” of the Raft. Like mentioned above the Rafts have Mushroom Head Fasteners which adhere to other Rafts or Planters.

The Riparium Supply product are very strong and durable, so they won’t break easily. They also make cleaning a riparium a breeze. Just remove the planting material from the tank and then clean the tank itself! I highly recommend Riparium Supply for all riparium equipment.

(Link to Riparium Supply website)


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